Angular [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Angular:

To gauge the tunneling time, Keller’s team measured the angular difference between noon, when most tunneling events began, and the angle of most outgoing electrons.

He was tall, angular, and emaciated, and his features were cast in a most irregular mould.

Conglomerate, containing angular fragments of yellowish-grey quartz-rock, in a base of compact epidote.

Angular and bony, with slightly stooped shoulders, his face is a mass of minute wrinkles seamed on yellow parchment.

Angular debris fallen from above varying in thickness from one to ten feet.

He had not taken the precaution to remove from his couch a number of angular stones, which did not by any means conduce to sleep.

Not even surprise, not even curiosity, tempted Stanton to wade twice through the fashionable, angular handwriting.

There are the degrees of direction of line, curvilinear or angular.

It was not difficult for Renwick to remember the peculiarities of her angular writing.

Pott's disease, or tuberculosis of the bone, often results in an angular spinal deformity.