Crossing [noun]

Definition of Crossing:

pathway to traverse larger path

Synonyms of Crossing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Crossing:


Sentence/Example of Crossing:

Just like other “skip over some letters” puzzles I’ve written, my goal is to make all the crossing words real both with and without the trick letters.

The Luna came to a halt at a railway crossing, where Silveti’s men had created a construction problem on the track.

Making tiny changes, such as altering a couple of crossings in a knot, could have a huge impact on the mechanics of the textile.

The quality of the water crossing into San Diego from Tijuana during storms is, well, not the greatest.

On a stormy day, 1 billion gallons of water can rage down the river crossing from Tijuana to San Diego.

She also would like to see a series of additional pedestrian bridges, where people can make informal crossings by foot or by bike to hike or bike around, and then come back.

As a result, the new findings indicate that the Kuroshio current would have forced drifters away from rather than toward the Ryukyu Islands, suggesting that anyone who made the crossing did so intentionally instead of accidentally, Kaifu says.

In both cases, I did my best to make all of the crossing Down answers real words with and without the hidden trick letters.

The gibbon group’s two females and two small juveniles favored crossing on the bridge.

We were staying on Rainbow Lake, 11 miles north of Saranac Lake and just 64 miles from the closest crossing at the Canadian border.