Intersection [noun]

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So the extra credit was really asking for the points of intersection between the topmost curves from Mike’s graph.

The cohomology theories that produce these intersection numbers may do more than just ease a computational burden — they could also point to the physical significance of the most important quantities in the calculation.

This is also the case of the current Sports Arena RFP for the 48 acres located at the intersection of the 5 and 8 freeways.

Those who’ve followed me since my early blogging days know I’m obsessed with the intersection at the heart of three questions.

Which is to say, the intersection point corresponded exactly to the four vertices of a rectangle on the curve.

Such objects often live at the intersection of multiple ideas and can act as an access point between completely different worlds.

The point F is determined by the intersection of the two lines, one beginning at A, and the other at E.

Past the intersection, past the one beyond that, on up the thoroughfare until the gray haze of the city dimmed everything.

The big and beneficent institution is in Rue Saint-Jacques, at its intersection with the street named in his honor.

The minor and major axes are at a right angle one to the other, and their point of intersection is termed the axis of the ellipse.