Formless [adjective]

Definition of Formless:

disorganized, vague

Synonyms of Formless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Formless:

Sentence/Example of Formless:

But it would contain something formless if a man lacked some part, as, for instance, an organ such as the eye.

A sound of protest rather formless escaped from the gentleman named, but Nanda continued to carry out her duty.

It was almost formless, its outlines seeming to melt into the gloom.

For the waters remain not formless and invisible, seeing we behold them flowing in so comely a manner.

Seeing neither if formless would they have been worthy of so honourable a seat, nor is it written, by what word they were formed.

The result, seen in the dark, was a formless black mass, very doughy and fatty; but with oases of palatable matter.

The evil in matter is due to its negative or privative aspect as the formless, which makes it the cause of defect and evil.

How then can anyone suppose for a moment that an eternal formless matter can in any way be identified with a divine being?

And the earth, formless in the darkness, gains shape and colour and relief with the impress upon it of the morning light.

Perfectly appalled we are when we look into the formless chaos of that nine nights' debate!