Daintier [adjective]

Definition of Daintier:

delicate, fragile, fine

Synonyms of Daintier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Daintier:

Sentence/Example of Daintier:

All I can see of her face is the tip of her ear, daintier than the daintiest jewel, and the innocent curve of her cheek.

At the first glance each had recognized each, and the prophecy and the vision rushed back upon the daintier convict.

Ribbons should be rolled up immediately when taken off and if treated in this way will last much longer and look much daintier.

Constance surveyed the candy with much satisfaction, as indeed she well might, for no daintier sweets could have been found.

These styles, even in the daintier variations of them, appeal only to the younger members of the "smart set."

Nothing could be completer nor daintier than the cabin and its furnishings, divisions, and subdivisions.

I have ridden miles and miles, with silver in my palm, seeking daintier food for the women of my household, but in vain.

The point, Honiton and Princess braids are represented full size, and are much daintier in texture than the Battenburg braids.

By her side Bella was conscientiously absorbing the potatoes that her daintier companions had left over from the Irish stew.

No answer—only the sound of the solid steps of the thoroughbred and the daintier tread of the mustang.