Rectangular [adjective]

Definition of Rectangular:

elongated and rounded

Synonyms of Rectangular:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rectangular:


Sentence/Example of Rectangular:

It was circular at one end and rectangular at the other, at which was the entrance.

The patio, in its blackness, was like the rectangular mouth of a bottomless pit.

The first type consists of a rectangular label, measuring about 25½ by 38 mm.

It is simply a rectangular piece of stuff; as a rule, all blue, red, or black.

They are rectangular pieces of cardboard, with windows cut in them.

They may be rectangular, or some of the edges may be curved.

He was a short, rectangular little man in his fifties named Spencer.

Bread is served to the Freshmen and Juniors in rectangular wads.

Make a cake of a rectangular form, wrap it in cloth and let it rest for a while.

The world is conceived of as rectangular and flat, and is represented by a square.