Sloping [adjective]

Definition of Sloping:


Synonyms of Sloping:

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Sentence/Example of Sloping:

They sit (very uncomfortably) on a sloping stone there, and compare notes.

Already Kirsty stood at the bottom of the sloping tunnel, and was lighting her candle.

The walls were low, and the heavy roof was flat and sloping.

All around the dais, seated on the sloping floor of the cavern, were Lakonians.

But the darkness seems to gather on the breast of the sloping hills.

It splashed their feet and drained away across the sloping flagstones.

I pushed him on over a sloping peak of shale, and told him to hold his tongue.

It is situated on a hillside, sloping towards the northwest.

And it resembled a stair roughly, with long, sloping steps, wet with rain.

Over a grave on the sloping hill-side there is a marble shaft.