Concave [adjective]

Definition of Concave:

curved, depressed

Synonyms of Concave:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concave:

Sentence/Example of Concave:

A concave blade will easily make big cuts through softer materials.

This wireless keyboard has concave keys to snugly fit your fingertips, creating an ultra-comfortable typing experience.

Ellis's patent boot studs to save the sole, and the Euknemida, or concave-convex fastening springs, are the latest novelties.

Lamb turned the paper over and winked at himself in the concave mirror of the semi-circle of bar.

The seat should slope downward a little toward the back, be slightly concave, and have rounded edges in front.

Of the two broader sides one was concave, the other convex; while of the narrower sides one was flat and the other indented.

His hair is long and black, and in his throat is a thick concave bone.

The other end is bent slightly concave and soldered to a brass collar, B, which is threaded on the inside.

The concave can be adjusted for grinding the different vegetable products, or replaced at any time with a new one.

The concave is slipped into place and held with wedges or by driving two nails in just far enough to fasten it temporarily.