Dented [verb]

Definition of Dented:

chip, scrape, depress

Synonyms of Dented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dented:




Sentence/Example of Dented:

I can’t calculate how big a difference it made, but I think it was at least a dent.

It’s so big that even advertisers leaving doesn’t make a dent.

Measure A advocates a specific solution to the region’s homelessness and housing problems in the form of a property tax increase for government-backed low-income housing that supporters say could put a serious dent in San Diego’s homeless population.

Hypothetically, an Apple search engine could make a dent in Google’s mobile market share.

I can still remember the sight of his mangled bike on the road and the dents in my car where his body bounced over it.

The company says the change allows for a smaller retail package that ships more efficiently, and makes a considerable dent in the materials required to assemble each package.

This is what matters to them, so let’s find ways to work together to make a dent in that.

These are smart and important changes, but by themselves they won’t begin to make a dent in the problem.

If your area has already been hit by shortages—or if the pandemic made a dent in your budget—you can make your own with cheap and readily available materials.

The move also could make a big dent in transportation emissions.