Dipped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Dipped:

Globally, there have been different predictions, but usually they put it somewhere between a dip of 5% to 15%.

A number of key incentives for renewables developers in major markets are set to expire soon, and without clarity from governments over whether or not they will be renewed 2022 could see a small dip in expansion.

This savory dip is one of Heidi’s go-to, quick appetizers, usually whipped up after sneaking in a few runs in the afternoon.

This spinach dip, creamy with yogurt and feta, couldn’t be quicker.

So-called stay-at-home stocks like Zoom and Snowflake took a dip as the possibility of returning to normal arose.

But, he said, he doesn’t think the uncertainty of the election will translate to a long-term dip in spending.

Google announced earlier this year that it will hire workers more slowly than it initially expected because of the economic dip.

With a big jet stream dip to our west, the storming isn’t quite done.

Different molecules block or absorb light at specific wavelengths, so searching for dips in a spectrum can reveal the chemicals in a planet’s atmosphere.

We recommend a savory snack to start, like our Guac-enstein dip, a fun guacamole platter decorated like Frankenstein’s monster.