Rectilinear [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rectilinear:

By linear, or perhaps, more correctly, rectilinear incision.

The English letters are much more sober and rectilinear in character.

Patagium incomplete, enveloping only the basal half of the arms, with four to five rectilinear parallel chamber-rows.

Kepler, on the other hand, was no less in error in considering their paths to be rectilinear.

Quite soon you will begin to find that everything is too rectilinear.

And a rectilinear process has no right to get into a circle!

Rectilinear routes are routes which in a sense lie in rects.

It may be some other body, moving, but moving in a rectilinear direction.

That when moved, its motion is rotatory and not rectilinear, it owes to its own nature.

The chief member of the cornice, directly beneath the gutter, by its great projection and rectilinear faces forming the drip.