Voluptuous [adjective]

Definition of Voluptuous:

given to sensual pleasure; pleasurable to the senses

Synonyms of Voluptuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Voluptuous:

Sentence/Example of Voluptuous:

He was as wicked as most of the race, fierce, violent, and voluptuous.

He was too cowardly, too voluptuous to risk his tranquillity.

They despatch the day's weary chores, and fly to voluptuous reveries.

I have not schemed to win a pampered and voluptuous existence.

That sort of thing would only please a rich and voluptuous Turk.

But at the moment she looked the picture of voluptuous abandon.

Voluptuous enjoyment takes the place of energy—he is himself no longer.

How voluptuous, after all, in its holiest sense, is God's purpose for the pure in heart!

There is a thrill of voluptuous sweetness in the thought of dying for it.

Or Paris, Helena; or Vienna, the voluptuous, with her gay ways of life.