Squat [adjective]

Definition of Squat:

short and stocky

Synonyms of Squat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Squat:

Sentence/Example of Squat:

The fine gateway of the castle is flanked by two squat towers.

It was a low vault, with squat arches, on exactly the same plan as the choir.

The animal waddled toward the centre of the circle, short and squat and ungainly.

Fire rays fall athwart the robes Of hooded men, squat and dumb.

I'll squat you down in the gutter if you don't look out, Miss Fine-airs!

Toby Jenks was as short and squat as his friends were long and thin.

Few of the meat-eaters could "squat" more than three to four hundred times.

The man continued to squat by the fire, his hands extended to its warmth.

He paused for a time, to squat on the bank and nurse his injured paw.

I even heard his "dauntless horn" call and saw the "squat tower."