Haggard [adjective]

Definition of Haggard:

worn, weakened

Synonyms of Haggard:

Opposite/Antonyms of Haggard:

Sentence/Example of Haggard:

It was with a feeling of relief on both sides that the arrival of Mr. Haggard, of the Home Office, was announced.

His lordship retired shortly to his study, Hetton and Mr. Haggard betook themselves to the billiard-room.

But we must not class in this unclean category Lord Spunyarn and his friend Haggard, who were both playing at the big table.

Haggard merely played for the excitement, and Spunyarn because it was a lesser bore to play than to look on.

Three more coups are played, each of which the banker, that is to say Haggard, wins.

Haggard was in a state of suppressed excitement, and he couldn't eat a mouthful.

But the nasty part of the whole thing was, that Haggard had won eleven thousand pounds from a weak-headed boy.

Haggard and his wife sat in the little drawing-room of their bijou house in May Fair.

Dance-giving mammas were anxious to secure the success of their entertainments by obtaining the presence of "lovely Mrs. Haggard."

But in her first rage Mrs. Charmington had been weak enough to let out that the prince had called young Mrs. Haggard "lovely."