Drawn [adjective]

Definition of Drawn:

tense, fatigued

Synonyms of Drawn:

Opposite/Antonyms of Drawn:

Sentence/Example of Drawn:

When she arrived she made a regular entry into the city in a coach all gold and glass, drawn by eight superb plumed horses.

I have drawn a Line between the figures at the extream changes, that next below the Line is the extream.

The tattered outcast dozes on his bench while the chariot of the wealthy is drawn by.

The result of this mission was eminently successful; a special treaty was drawn up and Spain sold Louisiana to France.

His boyish suspenders had been put away in favor of a belt, which was tight-drawn about his slim waist.

These shipments in the past have been financed through credits drawn on European centers.

He has drawn a knave and a six; he takes another card; this turns out to be an ace.

Our beloved Queen had drawn the teeth of the Turkish counter-attack on our extreme left.

The best pipet is a small glass tube which has been drawn out at one end to a tip with rather small opening.

Tony's stool was nearer to the bass keys of the piano, while the sofa Lettice lay upon had certainly been drawn up towards him.