Lessened [verb]

Definition of Lessened:

lower, reduce

Opposite/Antonyms of Lessened:

Sentence/Example of Lessened:

That could lessen the demand, and the price, for him and make a team lucky to cash in on his evident potential.

One common concern among Oregonians who voted against decriminalization was that lessening criminal penalties would endanger children.

Faulconer and police officials have said they offer help including shelter beds before cracking down, and that they have increased opportunities to lessen the burden of that enforcement or help homeless San Diegans avoid it altogether.

Several online tools can lessen your workload by retrieving information and keywords from the competition’s snippets.

They have scrutinized data and modeled scenarios to address how best to balance saving the lives of the most vulnerable against stopping the spread of the virus, and doing so in a way that will lessen health inequities.

Nvidia has made commitments to keep Arm’s headquarters in the UK, which it says should lessen concerns around jobs and export restrictions.

No, the coin he’s trading in is the love of the people, and if people come up to him, as they do, and report having their load lessened, he’s happy.

I need scarcely say that time has not lessened the desire in this county especially to do him justice.

In addition to this, the increased power of the engine lessened the first cost by at least one-half.

He felt inclined to believe it, but while it soothed his torn and throbbing pride, it by no means lessened his apprehension.