Trimmed [verb]

Definition of Trimmed:

cut shorter

Synonyms of Trimmed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trimmed:

Sentence/Example of Trimmed:

The crust of toast may be trimmed off or left on, as desired.

These were trimmed with embroidery, and came down to my brown kid boots.

Her bonnet was trimmed with ruches, so close together that it looked like a nun's head-gear.

I chose a white one trimmed with pale blue, a white bavolet and blue strings.

His lady was dressed in blue velvet, all trimmed with swan's down.

Being here, I may as well have a shave, and get trimmed close.'

It is a wick which can only be trimmed by the sword of the faithful.'

He was the only one of the three who had washed or trimmed himself that morning.

Her head-dress is of white lace, trimmed with white satin ribbons.

After this is done their edges should be trimmed neatly with a jack-plane.