Edit [verb]

Definition of Edit:

rewrite, refine

Opposite/Antonyms of Edit:

Sentence/Example of Edit:

Murphy replied that he wouldn’t allow any edits to the assessment that altered the intelligence.

Only a small proportion of edits from Wikipedia are potential vandalism, and we’ve improved our systems to now detect 99 percent of those cases.

If you need to make any edits, just open up your 1Password account on the web or on your phone.

Those edits are in adult cells and can’t be carried into future generations.

For example, the launch of NowThis Kids stemmed from the whitespace that the edit team saw for a “co-viewing” platform for parents and children that helped to answer some of the more complicated questions kids have around current events.

With the idea for the vertical set, the edit team was then able to share the idea with sales, Schiller said, who could then find a partner that was looking to promote a similar message.

So far, all the Reels videos The Dodo has published have been edits of full-length, produced videos that have already appeared on IGTV or Facebook, with some added text and stickers.

He showed how the state might print and bind and distribute, while men in "free associations" might edit and publish.

Only I wonder why you edit his book if it's like that, you know.

He would edit a paper, comprehensive in its scope, and liberal in its views.