Polish [noun]

Definition of Polish:

shine, brightness

Synonyms of Polish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Polish:

Sentence/Example of Polish:

Just what I have said we must do for the polish of our style.

Now to the practical: what are we to do for the polish of our manners?

Let us then take the fuller meaning of polish, and see how it will apply to style.

We ended by waltzing, first in the Polish, and afterwards in the Parisian manner.

A Polish chap in the studio said something about it yesterday.

I saw a Polish docker knocked on the head by the end of a heavy chain that broke.

There goes a Polish Count who is one of the greatest gamblers in Christendom.

There was drinking in the Polish fashion, and he tried to be let off.

Fandor-Vinson began to undress: the priest continued to polish his nails.

You will polish him up for me and make him conversant with everything.