Burnish [verb]

Definition of Burnish:

polish, brighten

Synonyms of Burnish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Burnish:



Sentence/Example of Burnish:

Sainton, more annoyed than he cared to show, drew his long neglected sword and began to burnish it affectionately.

How strangly does it burnish a Character, and oblige ones Reputation?

The lectern he had done his best to burnish; but it was still a cripple from the fire.

They could burnish gold and it stays as bright as when it was first applied to the leaves, even after seven centuries.

With the pallid first,And next the burnish'd, he so ply'd the gate,As to content me well.

He was to "bathe, to burnish himself, soul and body, to swim and swathe in yellow licence."

In smoothing and polishing such edges, an ordinary jeweler's steel burnish can be used.

And after the heads come again rough as a hart's head, and commonly they burnish their horns in March.

There is but one thing to be said; it is all that need be said; it is an attempt to burnish one corner of a hero's dimmed shield.

At to-morrow's dawn my esquire shall begin to burnish up my armour—and caparison my courser.