Censor [verb]

Definition of Censor:

forbid; ban; selectively remove

Opposite/Antonyms of Censor:

Sentence/Example of Censor:

Meanwhile, self-publishers have always had to tread carefully on what they post or risk being targeted by censors who deem them illegal or inappropriate.

However, they should consider the intent is not to act as censors that are stopping controversial topics but protecting users from false content.

Galileo thought his book had been approved by the proper censors.

I do not care very much how you censor or select the reading and talking and thinking of the schoolboy or schoolgirl.

And that treatise of Van de Water, the Belgian, on the sublimation of the sub-conscious by the negation of the self-censor.

The Government Film Censor interprets his role chiefly as one of guiding parents.

It is not part of the censor's duty to see that his rulings are observed.

His very appointment as censor was due to the bottle-acquaintance that had sprung up with the regent Prince of Wales.

He has attempted in an artistic way to get beneath what Freud calls the "Psychic Censor" which edits all our suppressed desires.

The aristocratic party in Rome, by keeping control of the office of censor, was able to perpetuate their majority in the Senate.