Receded [verb]

Definition of Receded:

withdraw; diminish

Synonyms of Receded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Receded:

Sentence/Example of Receded:

His eyes had receded in his head, and in his rage he grinned.

The shadow advanced and receded, in a state of peculiar restlessness.

A succession of groans followed, and died away as she receded.

And the tea-party, under Gino's adroit management, receded ever and ever before her.

But, as Harlem receded, it had ridden higher and brightened in the ride.

The dry land and vegetation appeared, only after the waters had receded.

Anger flamed in Doctor Hugh's face, then receded, leaving him white.

Another instant and it had receded, leaving him ghastly pale.

The horrors have all receded out of our experience, and almost out of our knowledge.

I receded a step and adjusted my gun on the ledge of the window to my satisfaction.