Damped [verb]

Definition of Damped:

drench, wet

Synonyms of Damped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Damped:

Sentence/Example of Damped:

Man's enthusiasm in praise of a fellow mortal, is soon damped by the original sin of his nature—rebellious pride!

His joy was too great to be damped, but it was rendered cautious.

Disillusioned by me, and damped by fire-brigade, mob went off and voted for other side.

The ashes of land-plants, especially ferns, damped and made into balls.

He visited Washington to get a closer view of army life, but what he saw of it rather damped his military ardor.

They are then damped on a water mangle, and beamed on to the heavy iron bowl of the beetling machine.

Altogether, we are figures in keeping with the landscape when it is well damped or "packed" under the early mist.

What was it which so soon relaxed the nerves, and damped the bravery of a soldiery, famed for their discipline and valour?

A closer inspection, however, of the dishes somewhat damped the pleasure of his anticipation.

Her boots being thinner than those of the young men, the hoar had damped her feet and made them cold.