Diminished [verb]

Definition of Diminished:

become or cause to be less

Synonyms of Diminished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diminished:

Sentence/Example of Diminished:

Diminished hydrochloric acid favors intestinal putrefaction.

Factors which favor an early deposit are high acidity, diminished urinary pigments, and excessive excretion of uric acid.

They often appear in digestive disturbances, in neurasthenia, and when the oxidizing power of the system is diminished.

In pernicious anemia they are always greatly diminished, and an increase should exclude the diagnosis of this disease.

And the rivers shall fail: the streams of the banks shall be diminished, and be dried up.

Successive examinations may show normal, increased, or diminished hydrochloric acid, or even entire absence of the free acid.

It is generally diminished in well-marked cases, and is often absent in advanced cases.

The mountains on the left diminished in height, turned off abruptly to the northwest, following the coast line.

After her death he gave up society, so that this item of expenditure diminished perceptibly.

Matt diminished the power that fed the racing pistons, but still he continued to drop like a thunderbolt down the steep slope.