Reduced [adjective]

Definition of Reduced:

made smaller

Synonyms of Reduced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reduced:

Sentence/Example of Reduced:

I wouldn't be surprised if the next Consolidated dividend was reduced.

The duties were to be reduced and the system improved, but the principle was to be maintained.

They were now reduced to one room, and the boys slept on the floor.

Even Miss Grange, now reduced to second place, remonstrated with her senior.

In a few minutes Katy had reduced her emotions to a dry sniffle.

But, there is a limit beyond which the plane surface cannot be reduced with safety.

His servants had all left him, and he had been reduced to taking his meals at the inn.

The clumsy framework of the receiver was reduced to a neat and portable size.

When the soup is reduced to three quarts, it is done enough.

Let it boil till the liquid is reduced to one quart, and skim it well.