Shortened [verb]

Definition of Shortened:

diminish, decrease

Synonyms of Shortened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Shortened:

Sentence/Example of Shortened:

Day's marches were shortened because the woman could not stand long ones.

Cornelius joined in Sir Ulick's laugh, which shortened its duration.

Oh, my friend, God's arm is not shortened that he cannot save!

My men were to go on strike for the simple reason that their hours had been shortened!

This account has been shortened from that of Gregorovius, i. 231-5.

I do not think, he said, that the way could have been shortened.

The close of the eighteenth century shortened the one as much as the other.

That fitted me, too, only the sleeves would have to be shortened.

I threw over my anchor, shortened the rope and made it fast.

With a cry of triumph he closed with me, and shortened his sword to stab me in the face.