Received [adjective]

Definition of Received:


Synonyms of Received:

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Sentence/Example of Received:

Who among you ever received an injury from that kind old man?

Not only that, but he would get into trouble with Mr. Paine on account of the damage which it had received.

She received his bits of news with the aplomb of a resourceful commander.

I have no evidence, except your word, that any such letter has been received.

This was the most unwelcome intelligence he could have received.

All the sailors had a kind word for him, and many were the praises which he received in the forecastle.

Ambrose was the only person who ever received any communication from Giles Headley.

I remonstrated with him mildly but firmly, but only received insolence in return.

The chairman rose to propose the toast of the evening, and was received with cheers.

It has, moreover, received the final stamp of scientific approval.