Customary [adjective]

Definition of Customary:

usual, established

Opposite/Antonyms of Customary:

Sentence/Example of Customary:

A Marine was standing outside the West Wing on Wednesday afternoon, as is customary when the president is in the Oval Office.

As is customary, the court did not give a reason for not accepting Davis’s case.

One difference between the two initiatives is that Asana has no lockup for employee and other insider shares as is typically customary with a direct listing.

At the same time, it complained that Apple had “dismissed” its requests to waive the App Store’s customary 30% fee on in-app purchases.

The Centers for Disease Control, as is customary, developed its own test, but a lab error made it useless.

The west side features customary depictions of Romulus and Remus – the mythic warlike founders of Rome.

It is interesting to note that some other articles of customary export showed large declines in 1915 as compared with 1914.

The next day, a great crowd of men arrived, who performed their customary dances around the corpse.

In January, 1899, a Spanish gunboat silently entered the port without the customary whistling and firing of salute.

Secret instructions would not affect the rights of a purchaser ignorant of them and relying on customary authority.