Exceptional [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Exceptional:

Many countries, including South Africa, have adopted exceptional measures to curb the virus.

Many served a jerk chicken that was good — exceptional, even.

One of the common attributes of a digitally mature organization is a data-driven culture or structure, particularly as a means to deliver exceptional experiences.

Still, despite the situation, many winemakers say fruit quality is exceptional.

As you’d expect for that price, it provides exceptional stabilization.

It has only been a rare and exceptional class hitherto that has gone on learning throughout life.

Here and there exceptional industry or extraordinary capacity raised the artisan to wealth and turned the "man" into the "master."

Tausig, in my opinion, did possess exceptional genius in composition, though he left but few works behind him to attest it.

Even this exceptional pupil had better carefully study the ensuing examples.

His exceptional ability was soon recognised and his promotion was rapid.