Unmindful [adjective]

Definition of Unmindful:

not aware or attentive

Synonyms of Unmindful:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unmindful:

Sentence/Example of Unmindful:

One cannot stand in this presence and be unmindful of the tremendous responsibility.

No other person upon earth, save herself, could have been so unmindful of her wants.

She would continue to eat as I stood there, as unmindful of me as though I were a servant.

And here he lived, unmindful of the world and by the world forgotten.

In utter weariness they both slept, unmindful of danger from snakes or vermin.

I trust it will prove that during my absence I was not unmindful of you.

So saying, he lifted him up: but yet was not Ulysses unmindful of a stratagem.

Milburgh himself was not unmindful of this argument in his favour, as was to be revealed.

Unmindful of danger, they rode along with no other protection than their arms.

She dropped the whip, and unmindful of the squatters, lifted her hands.