Deepen [verb]

Definition of Deepen:

make depth greater

Synonyms of Deepen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deepen:

Sentence/Example of Deepen:

Dredging technology that is used to deepen ports and harvest minerals from the seafloor also generates low-frequency noise that travels far distances.

This knowledge helped deepen my admiration for his writings and mission.

For a long time we thought about other ways we could kind of deepen our relationships with fans in ways that are both enriching to those fans, but also supporting the business model by ticket sales or fees directly from readers.

A business that wants to thrive during unprecedented times like these will want to deepen its connection with its customers.

Over the next decade, corporate America must deepen its investment in solutions for the mental health and well-being of employees.

Arm your customer service representatives with these insights for more meaningful in-person engagements, ultimately deepening the customer relationship.

Of course, this deeply personal form of polarization has developed alongside other divisive trends we talked about earlier, like deepening social segregation and isolation, rising income inequality and eroding trust in institutions.

Instead of succumbing to frustration and turning inward, he deepened his commitment to the offensive system of Coach Matt LaFleur, curbed his tendency to freelance and gained faith in more receivers than just all-pro Davante Adams.

That may even deepen the social conflict within our society.

Inequalities will only deepen if digital gaps are not addressed in the near-term.