Intensifying [verb]

Definition of Intensifying:

make more forceful, severe

Synonyms of Intensifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intensifying:

Sentence/Example of Intensifying:

Drama has intensified among the Patrick Henry High School cheerleaders after news spread of their coaches’ firings this week.

The Fed on Wednesday also left its benchmark short-term rate unchanged at nearly zero, where it has been since the pandemic intensified in March.

The public and lawmakers themselves have expressed disappointment in the fact that the legislative session ended without major action on housing and police reform, and the finger-pointing is intensifying one week after the session ended.

The pandemic shut down Fortune’s in-person conference business, but it seems to have intensified demand for it.

These narratives have been intensified and supplemented by the work of right-wing adversarial media-makers like Elijah Schaffer and Andy Ngo, who collect videos of conflict at public protests and recirculate them to their online audiences.

There is a possibility Laura will re-intensify once it makes it to Maryland, New Jersey and possibly New York, he said.

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Meanwhile, 21% of unemployed Americans have since intensified their job search, and 20% sought out other sources of income.

With the battle for that attention intensifying, Channel 4 believes its own gains over the last two months could make it more appealing to programmatic advertisers.

It intensified in 2002 when Fox first pulled ahead in the Nielsen ratings, the audience measurement system that underpins the TV ad market and remains dutifully covered by the media press.