Furtherance [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Furtherance:

"No, you are my sweetheart," he cried, discretion all gone now in his eager furtherance of his pleading.

I saw through the mask directly, and understood the daring game you were playing in furtherance of your revenge against me.

His Lordship explained that this furtherance comprises all acts done to prevent or overpower resistance and to prevent discovery.

Religion was the medium chosen by Mohammed for the furtherance of his truly imperial design.

Indeed she would neither do nor say anything herself which tended in any way to a furtherance of these matrimonials.

False stories were set afloat by Baker in furtherance of such purpose.

Sir Culling Eardley was at that time zealous in the furtherance of village preaching.

The article he proposed indicated the most amicable cooperation between France and Germany in the furtherance of European peace.

Many of them were associated together in clubs, which had for their object the furtherance of French interests.

Harold did auow the same to be true; and promised to affoord thereto the best furtherance that he could.