Championship [noun]

Definition of Championship:

contest for ultimate victor

Synonyms of Championship:

Opposite/Antonyms of Championship:


Sentence/Example of Championship:

Happily, if only incidentally, such self-defence involved the championship of the independence of Scotland.

Well, this only shows our valiant disregard of danger, our readiness of initiative, our championship of forlorn hopes.

Bob's championship saved her from that, and, thereafter, school changed straightway for June.

Celia had dwelt with pride on her father's championship of their cause.

They could find no other solution to her championship of the Parson.

They are placed under the common championship of all parties.

In his championship of theism our scientist forgets his science.

For that week the Woodhull would clash with the Kennedy for the championship of the houses.

Dorothy's eyes, too, were blazing now, but more in championship of Wade than of herself.

"Then you're a silly, jealous boy," said Nesta in fiery championship.