Tournament [noun]

Definition of Tournament:

sporting competition

Synonyms of Tournament:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tournament:


Sentence/Example of Tournament:

The regulations and laws of the tournament were very minute.

You must enter the tournament—Mother, did you remember about the cup and the—you know?

There was almost a tournament of rivalry in describing sufferings.

The first tournament is treated in the poem of Luca Pulci, ed.

It may be as well to explain the difference between a tournament and a joust.

In the former he first appears as Locksley, the archer, at the tournament.

I knew he had set his heart on winning the tournament this year.

But how about the fitness of parting with that pony just before the tournament?

They are the only one we allow to play the tournament games with outside teams.

You get me to go to another Firemen's Tournament and you'll know it.