Series [noun]

Definition of Series:

order, succession

Synonyms of Series:

Opposite/Antonyms of Series:

Sentence/Example of Series:

All of the "Coverley" series came out in the English Illustrated.

There should be a series of Coming of Ages for every individual.

I—a series of things happened, and I decided I was in the wrong business.

A series of concerts followed, at which various oratorios and other works were performed.

To make sure there was no mistake, the series of questions was repeated.

The remainder of his life was a series of deserved afflictions.

What was the stanchest code of ethics but a trunk with a series of false bottoms?

Two of the positions assumed in this series are shown in the cuts.

Then he put me through a series of psychological test queries.

Marguerite paused, and made a series of holes in the sand with her walking-stick.