Intensification [noun]

Definition of Intensification:

addition, growth

Opposite/Antonyms of Intensification:

Sentence/Example of Intensification:

The pandemic has intensified those risks, and for Frick, put the need to speak up “on steroids now.”

That signal tells us that climate change is intensifying wildfires and other weather events.

When his daughter was born in 2010, Kaper’s desire to find his biological mother intensified.

While Emerson knowingly pushed the company into the red to make a meaningful expansion, growing the editorial, product, engineering and growth teams, the losses intensified as the wider advertising environment flagged.

A warming climate is intensifying risks to forests that are already stressed by wildfires, drought, and pests.

As planned, our negotiation team will go to London next week to intensify these negotiations.

The strategy, Zhuang contends, “aims to build up domestic economic strength through rebalancing in the face of intensifying external risks while maintaining China’s deep engagement with the global supply chain.”

Warmer waters essentially provide extra fuel for hurricanes, which allows them to not only become stronger, but also intensify more quickly, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate scientist Jim Kossin told the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, registration efforts like the ones Arizona Coalition for Change has undertaken intensify ahead of big elections like 2020 to try to recruit new voters, and engage them so they follow through and vote.

The pandemic has both underscored the weakness of many existing online education programs, and also intensified the need for upskilling by accelerating technological and digital change.