Elaboration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Elaboration:

The FBI said without elaboration that it also recovered a document titled “Making Plastic Explosives from Bleach,” redacting the instructions in a photo exhibit.

These changes take place slowly at first, and more rapidly as the organs fitted for the elaboration of its food are developed.

He was slow and fastidious in composition, and the poem suffered from over-elaboration.

The book pretended to be an elaboration of Dumarsais' essay on the Philosophe published in the Nouvelles liberts de penser, 1750.

Like Beowulf it is elaborate, but it is the elaboration of art rather than of feeling.

This was furnished simply but with a good deal of elaboration.

All this elaboration of elegance had fitting surroundings, and the case was worthy of its contents.

The elaboration of the meanings of the Swastika indicated above and its dispersion or migrations form the subject of this paper.

It is only necessary to add a word concerning the elaboration of this period in literary form.

One of his first Marks appeared in Brants Narrenschiff, 1494, and of this our example is an elaboration.