Maximization [noun]

Definition of Maximization:

addition, growth

Opposite/Antonyms of Maximization:

Sentence/Example of Maximization:

Bebchuk responded that there is “something puzzling” about the idea “that corporate leaders have not noticed this is important for maximizing value” before now.

This requires developing extraordinary control of your body while also maximizing your strength to weight ratio.

It’s unclear whether Amazon’s Prime Day shift from July to October will last post-pandemic, but the timing gives us a window into the holiday shopping season and what marketers can expect, plan for and start doing now to maximize sales and revenue.

Too many PPC pros miss the opportunity to maximize the highly automated PPC world.

It’s baseball owners opening up their books and showing us all which teams are maximizing their efficiency out of necessity, and which are actually being cheap.

Our working hypothesis is that the algorithms are often simply trying to maximize price.

I thought that was a good idea then, and I like it even better when it’s being used to democratize rather than maximize returns.

Don’t try to maximize your content by splitting it into several short blog posts.

The only type of bid strategy to use is maximize conversion value, which can also define an expected ROAS for the investment.

Their business models depend on maximizing the amount of time users spend on their platforms.