Increment [noun]

Definition of Increment:

small step toward gain

Synonyms of Increment:

Opposite/Antonyms of Increment:

Sentence/Example of Increment:

Most blankets come in increments of five pounds, with the most popular weights being 15, 20, and 25 pounds.

Brooks hoped inserting him into the starting lineup was one solution to get Bertans more minutes — and opportunities — but in shorter increments.

What these spiders have evolved isn’t a loading-dock pulley with a wheel, but attaching a sequence of silk strands gives the tiny animals their own way of lifting heavy burdens in little increments.

The reason so much of South Carolina’s allocation has gone unused, she said, is that the state had set aside the entire amount needed for long-term-care facilities rather than parceling that out in increments, as other states have done.

Whenever he signs anything — even a monthly check to a utility company — he holds it up and pivots in 45-degree increments in front of photographers.

The transportation projects will be financed by $270 million of state and federal money, as well as tax increment financing in which future local development will pay the costs for construction.

On these scales numbers don’t increase in equal increments, but jump up by a set factor each time, most commonly a factor of 10.

If you don’t care as much about precision, you can get the Ozeri ZK14-S scale for less than half the price of the LB-3000—it measures in 1-gram increments.

Dash cams typically record video files in segments of three to five minutes, creating a new file at each increment, for easy file navigation and to keep file sizes down for more convenient transferring.

Every bit of new fossil fuel exploration and development, every new mine or well, is an increment of carbon lock-in.