Augmentation [noun]

Definition of Augmentation:

making greater; improving

Opposite/Antonyms of Augmentation:

Sentence/Example of Augmentation:

Wendy later tells Kevin that her parents weighed her weekly and that, following an “exhausting” struggle to control her weight, she has decided to get breast augmentation and liposuction.

We felt like we could build this new generation of developer tools and get to Michael Jordan’s vision of intelligent augmentation, which is giving creatives tools where they can be a lot more productive.

With travel restrictions hampering the replacement of medical personnel or augmentation of naval forces for a coordinated security response, these ships too are vulnerable.

While prosthetics and implants for medical purposes have been around for years, a whole new range of elective body augmentations are becoming possible.

They would not, he thought, be much alarmed by any augmentation of power which the Emperor might obtain.

The augmentation, or diminution, of its size, is caused by the care taken to unite the great with the small individuals.

The next day a royal message to parliament announced the augmentation of the navy.

It includes but two formul: Either instinct is a fructification of intelligence; or intelligence is an augmentation of instinct.

I hope you will find no great difficulty in procuring the small augmentation to the loan which it requires.

At a subsequent period it received a further augmentation, to what amount is not stated; but it was not considerable.