Diminishment [noun]

Definition of Diminishment:


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Sentence/Example of Diminishment:

It’s diminishing the presidency … We need to have the transition begin as soon as possible.

To have that diminished — not that we don’t have visitation, but everyone is seeing a substantial decrease in numbers.

You get diminishing returns after a while because it’s the same audience over and over.

A $494 billion legislation package, the INVEST In America Act, was recently introduced to address America’s deteriorating highways and bridges while diminishing carbon pollution.

That record turnout did not diminish the existence of suppression, but it challenged it.

As a longtime gamer, it’s going to take some time to adjust to the reality that diminishing visual returns on graphical fidelity may mean more iPhone-like upgrades.

That sense of diminishing American appeal is evident not only in the polling but also in global media coverage of the US.

The failure to recognize and fairly compensate our contributions to society does not diminish our value, but it does diminish the resources and opportunities we have to provide for our families and to thrive.

With most Pennsylvanians voting down ballot, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will be in Democratic control and Republican control of the Pennsylvania Senate will be diminished.

Water may have a restorative effect, helping people overcome negative emotions and diminish their mental distress.