Widen [verb]

Definition of Widen:

open up

Synonyms of Widen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Widen:

Sentence/Example of Widen:

Further German forces were thrown into the breach and strove to widen it.

It must, however, be noted to her credit that she avoided any word likely to widen it.

Widen the nozzle of the pipe, and the jet is in like manner diminished.

The mouth of the cove appeared to widen as they approached it.

There must be measures adopted to widen the influence of the school.

The channel might widen below; and, after all, he might have steered in the proper direction.

To have ten points you must narrow and widen alternately every seven stitches.

Mr. Mix allowed his mouth to widen in a smile which was disarmingly benevolent.

Widen only when necessary to keep it from drawing in too quickly.

And here Darwin has contributed much to widen the world, for us.