Organic [adjective]

Definition of Organic:

basic, natural

Synonyms of Organic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Organic:

Sentence/Example of Organic:

But first, let me say in what sense I have used the words "organic nature."

These are termed "organs," and the whole together is called "organic."

Such alliances have not in the past caused any organic union.

The question of how the present condition of organic nature came about, resolves itself into two questions.

Ione wondered if it might not be something like an organic molecule on a large scale.

The loam should be slightly moist, and free from organic matter.

No better image of nature or truth, as an organic whole, can be conceived than this.

I do not believe that the differences of opinion and character in men are organic.

Mason, you'll make a final correlation on the organic surveyors.

Humanity, like virtually all other organic life on Earth, was dying.