Inorganic [adjective]

Definition of Inorganic:

not organic

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Sentence/Example of Inorganic:

They get their energy from the oxidation of inorganic compounds, and they get carbon from carbon dioxide.

Table showing the quantity of inorganic matters in 100 parts of different plants dried at 212°.

These actions, operating through a long series of years, are the source of the inorganic constituents of all soils.

While the constants of a large number of organic bases194 have been determined few constants of inorganic bases are as yet known.

Such is not always the case, for some bacteria seem to be able to build up protein out of simple inorganic nitrogenous substances.

Mineral matters are inorganic, being chlorides, carbonates or phosphates of calcium, sodium and potassium.

I place these lowest in the scale (after inorganic forms) as being moulds or coats of organism; not themselves organic.

He published many textbooks of chemistry, organic and inorganic, which were republished in England and were translated abroad.

This is true not only of the inorganic world—the world of physics and chemistry—but it is true of living things as well.

It should be noted that Hales speaks of organic as well as inorganic substances.