Craggy [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Craggy:

A landscape architect as well as an artist, Hazard hand-stamps words and phrases on creamy paper that’s maneuvered into craggy landscapes.

Breathless, I took in a new, unfamiliar view of the Tetons, one that allowed me to see the delicate waterfalls and craggy cliffs of metamorphic gneiss from deep inside a canyon.

The Seljouks, like frighted partridges, scampered over rocks and craggy peaks, where their heavy-armed foe might not follow.

The shore is rough 121 and craggy, you know, so that it was something like climbing up stairs.

They saw the craggy clusters, big and brown, clinging to the rocks, while others were outlined on the floor of the bank.

According to Carew this original “chair,” outside the castle, was a bad seat in a craggy place, somewhat dangerous of access.

Side, floor and roof were of irregular formation, and the craggy stones rough and wet.

This plainly shews the bottom to consist of craggy rocks, among which they are whirled to and fro.

We saw the entrance isles of New Year's harbour at the back of which the land is very craggy and mountainous.

The coast of Staten Land near the Straits is mountainous and craggy, and remarkable for its high peaked hills.