Diffusive [adjective]

Definition of Diffusive:

interminable, excessive in length

Synonyms of Diffusive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diffusive:

Sentence/Example of Diffusive:

The other primary filtering method, called diffusion, is where “the really small particles slow down and enter this diffusive zone where they fuse to the fiber,” she says.

That diffusive spread, Ross says, suggests that moving groundwater is triggering the swarm.

One of the maxims of the old Greek philosophers was that good is diffusive of itself.

And the very atmosphere of such bliss is diffusive; it seemed as if all the living creatures around understood.

For while the cause of the Gordians was embraced with such diffusive ardor, the Gordians themselves were no more.

As far as it may consist of internal collections, a more diffusive knowledge of the circumstances of the State may be necessary.

The same United Secession journal openly anticipates another and more diffusive result from this great movement; viz.

But such outbreaks of bubo-plague or of typhus fever have been local, sporadic, or non-diffusive.

In his old age he was not a man to be taken very seriously, being diffusive, vague and vain.

Its desires to do good are diffusive as the sun light—it is not confined to country—nation or caste.