Enveloping [verb]

Definition of Enveloping:

encase, hide

Synonyms of Enveloping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Enveloping:

Sentence/Example of Enveloping:

His ecstacy was a drug, enveloping his senses; again it was a fire that threatened the very altar of his soul.

The Maker of Sounds was garbed in an all-enveloping white burnous and a white skull cap.

These clothes passed partly through the gap, the sail-cloth outside enveloping them.

The red flames rise and lick up the sides, while the enveloping smoke wreathes around the corpse.

Then, suddenly, the thick, all-enveloping mists that held them were gone.

Enveloping attacks result in local frontal attacks; advantage of envelopment.

Both are watching each other intently now—he with a puzzled sense of lazy enveloping firelight.

"Of course," said Nellie, re-enveloping the wound hastily, as though Edward Henry was not worthy to regard it.

Over all hung a thick, soggy atmosphere, an enveloping mist, a somewhat disagreeable odour.

Clytia especially had the art of enveloping them in her sympathy, though her intellectual faculties were employed elsewhere.