Unfamiliar [adjective]

Definition of Unfamiliar:

different, strange

Synonyms of Unfamiliar:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unfamiliar:

Sentence/Example of Unfamiliar:

He was not unfamiliar with the lot of one who dines with the learned Von Herzlich.

Do not disturb the prestige which belongs to a distant and unfamiliar power.

My heart sank and my voice dwindled to a quavering, unfamiliar whisper.

I am so unfamiliar with this room that I haven't any favorite chair.

His very desolation, amidst the unfamiliar faces, awed and chilled him.

She had never seen her aunt so full of decision, so charged with an unfamiliar power.

The rest of the day seemed to Dilly like a confused though not an unfamiliar dream.

Buel had just entered the unfamiliar precincts of the Métropole Hotel.

To your father and to your mother, at least, I know that none of them are unfamiliar.

The bed on which he lay was soft, comfortable; the room, unfamiliar.