Untrodden [adjective]

Definition of Untrodden:

recent, fresh

Opposite/Antonyms of Untrodden:

Sentence/Example of Untrodden:

Was it the murmuring of the dark stream as it washed upon the untrodden shore?

The path was overgrown, and it was clear that for years now it had remained all but untrodden.

The gravel has been newly raked, and gleams white and untrodden.

Two minutes before the moon had shone upon an untrodden expanse of snow.

Against it he, the king of the untrodden wilderness, could not hope to contend.

He swung off the path and plunged into the untrodden places of the wood.

The fields rested,—the villages were asleep,—the road was untrodden.

As you must have realized, in the pulpit, they are so hard to lead into untrodden paths.

The sandy floor was untrodden; there were no marks of any one having been there.

The street the girl had taken was covered with untrodden snow.